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Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2015

"I am after an inherently emotional and immersive exhibition, one that explores the underbelly of contemporary culture" Nick Mitzevich, Curator, 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art.  

Nick Mitzevich, Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia is known and much loved for his hands-on approach to the Gallery and its visiting public. On any day it is not uncommon to see him engaged with groups of people or individuals, sharing his passion for the collection. Alongside his public persona, he is also a private man, deeply connected to his Adelaide Hills garden, with clear boundaries between his working and private lives.  

This painting shows Mitzevich  captured during a private moment, pensive, among the ghosts of Fiona Hall's installation; part of the exhibition Dark Heart curated by Mitzevich for the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. I feel it captures his two sides: dynamic public figure and thoughtful introvert.

Deidre But-Husaim

The Special Goodness (Dark Heart #2)
Oil on maple panel
19.6 x 24.8 cm
Photo: Grant Hancock

Finalist selection
Portrait of Nick Mitzevich

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